Keys To Meditation. How A Ring Can Teach You To Meditate

How Can This Ring Help You Release  Anxiety, Stress, Help Bring Clarity and Improve Your Health?

This is not just a ring.  This is a sterling silver spinning meditation ring.  It is hand hammered in India and designed with one thing in mind, your well being.  The key to meditation rings, is yes, you guess it, meditation.  Many people think they cannot meditate because they cannot sit on the floor perfectly still and not think of anything for an hour at a time.  They give up and think that this is the ONLY way to meditate.  As a meditation coach, I can tell you that this is not the case.  You just have not found the right way to meditate for you. There are way too many benefits of meditation to just give up that easily on.  

 How spinning rings work as a form of meditation is pretty easy to understand once you know that meditation can mean many things.  The main thing you want to get is clarity and focus.  Your mind only wants to do one thing at a time.  It knows that it can really only do one thing well at a time.  In our day to day lives we are often pulled in many directions and even when sitting at dinner are thinking about work, kids, bills etc.  You are trying to focus two, sometimes three or four things at a time.  Your brain gets exhausted.  It then feels very tired, overworked but does not have the rewards of all this work.  If you focus on one thing at a time, you can get great rewards out of it because you are present, you are THERE to enjoy and reap the rewards.   Ever eat the last bite of a snack and then feel confused or cheated because you did not know it was the last bite and you did not savour it?  You were not focused on eating, and enjoying what you were eating, you were probably thinking of something else.

 Who A Meditation Ring Can Benefit

Well everybody.  First of all, our designs are beautiful.   Lets make a check list besides beauty.  Do you...

Have a hard time focusing?
Over thinking?
Get stuck in the past?
Get anxious?
Tried to meditate but cant stop thinking?
Have ADHD?
Do you fiddle or doodle?
Interrupted sleep patterns?
Have a bad habit you are trying to stop?
How It Works

A meditation ring does not have to be worn like a traditional ring.  It can be worn above the knuckle too as long as it is snug and does not pose a risk to falling off.  A new trend is to actually wear them up high.  Using the tips of your fingers on either hand, you simply spin the spinner parts of the ring.  That’s it.  You have meditated.  How the heck does that work?  While you were looking at the ring and spinning it, you are to only look at the ring and only think about the spinning.  You have focused on one thing at a time and it allowed your brain to take a mental break even for a minute.  They key here is to notice you are spinning.  Breath deeply and slowly and start with 30 seconds.  Next time go to 1 minute.  Do this through out the day to get mini breaks in.  Spinning it during the day can also help you get rid of tension and anxiety.  It give that energy you are holding on to a way out.  You sure know you can get it in, but this gives it a way out.  Stress is the number one killer in North America.  The rings come in many beautiful shapes and designs and provide a way for you to give yourself a meditation break whenever you need to. 

Remember that there are many ways to meditate, not just one.  Each provides its own unique benefit.  Another way for the busy mind to meditate is to simply look around your surroundings and tell yourself 10 things that you see.  It immediately grounds you and brings you back to the present moment.  You have to be HERE to tell yourself what you are seeing here.  You will find yourself calming down and heart beat returning to normal very quickly.  Remember meditation is for everybody, and works right away.  You deserve to be happy, healthy and at

If you are interested in buying one for yourself or somebody you love, please check out The Home Of OMMM on Etsy where you can purchase one.  All money from the sale of the rings goes back to the School to help pay rent so they can afford to see people who cannot afford to pay  with money, but love and gratitude


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Written By:  Angel Rogers

Head Instructor at The Home of OM – Licensed Psychic School

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