Empath Clearing Exercise With The Angels

Feeling Overwhelmed? Are you what some people term an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person? Let me show you how to call upon the Angels to create a circle of peace can help.

First if you are lucky enough to own an Angel Aural bracelet, please get that out and wear it on your non dominant hand. This is your receiving hand. Angel Aura is the strongest crystal that is connected to the Angelic Realm. If you don not have one, simply look at the picture of ours below for a few minutes. Look at the colours, the shapes, how the circle feels safe and complete with no beginning and no ending. Imagine this bracelet is huge and around you. You are in the centre of it. We choose this bracelet is our Archangel Miracle Bracelet because it has auralite 23 in it which has 23 crystals in one. This covers all the crystals for all the Angels in one bracelet!
Now imagine that you are in the middle of this circle of Angel Aura and Auralite 23. See this sacred circle in a beautiful white light from God. Imagine, sense or feel that each of the beads turns into Angels. Each bead is a calling for an Angel that you need most at this time to enter the circle. See yourself surrounded by Angels and feel the immense love.
Let them remind you that you are not over sensitive, that you are a loving and kind person that understands the laws of one, that we are all one and this higher understanding makes this density of existence that hurt one another on purpose, harder for you than others that are numb or still sleeping.
Now imagine that any energies of fear, unworthiness, stress and confusion leave your body in the form of coloured lights. It does not matter which colours they show up, just let the Angels do this for you. See these coloured light make their way to the Angels around you till the circle is clear. Feel the Angel’s blessing of peace and love.
Watch now as the Angels around you ascend into heaven with the energy that is no longer serving you to transmute it into love and harmony, leaving you at peace with yourself and others.
Do this as often as you feel the need to, knowing that the Angels are always there for you and that you are not over sensitive, but the world is under sensitive.
I hope this Helped.
If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet and having it made custom for you and your energy, please visit the link below.

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