How To Cleanse Crystals With Full Moon Energy


The Moon.  We are connected to it as it is to us.  It affects our moods, our cycles and our tides.  There are ancient legends of the energy of the full moon being more powerful and cleansing to all that bath under it.  I don’t like using the word CLEANSE because I do not think crystals can get dirty.  I more like the idea of charging and loving the crystals more than anything.  Giving them a moon bath is a great gift from Mother Earth and the Universe to say thank you for working with us.

New Moon Cleansing is for new beginnings

Full moon Bathing is for manifestation

Don’t worry if you miss that certain hour of the certain day, most astrologists believe that the energy is at its strongest for 3 days.  I generally leave them out for a full 2 days but just one night is just fine too. The best time to put them out is after sunset, just before it gets dark. Lots of crystals that have bright colours can fade in the sun so be careful of where you place them.  Putting them out after the sun goes down or in the shade helps

Put them on a natural surface such as the ground, or wood.  If you cannot put them outside or it is just not safe to leave them out, you can put them by a window.  Put a plant by them so there is something natural and grounding for them during this process.  Dont worry if it rains or is very cold, remember that the crystals have been outside for millions of years.    Dont forget to put your crystal jewelry outside too!

As you lay out the crystals bless them and thank them for their fellowship, friendship and support.  Affirm to them that you are leaving them here safely with Mother Earth and Moon to recharge and be thanked for their love.

In the morning gather them one at a time.  This is a great time to set an intent for the crystals.  What do you want them to do in this moon cycle?  What do you need help with?  Dont go cruising the internet on how to place intent in crystals, your heart does it.  Imagine unconditional love from your heart leaving your chest, down your arms and into the crystal and simply ask for help.  They will do the rest as they have been for millions of years.

Bring them back inside and love them.  Listed below are some crystals meanings that may help you out on knowing what each intent some naturally hold.

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